Scott André Campbell : Curriculum Vitae & Selected Work Samples

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Curriculum Vitae


Artist, designer, and developper focused on creative data visualisation. Freelance.

Personal Information

Age | Birthdate
50 | June 17th, 1973 (Portland, Oregon. USA)
Spoken Languages
English and French (fluent)


Whitman College, Washington State, USA. Studio-art major. Religion Minor. Bachelors Degree.
Pacific Northwest College of Art. USA. Fine-art courses and print-media production internship.
Portland State University. USA. Fine-art courses, Art History.
University of Vermont. USA. Fine-art courses, printmaking.

Professional Experience

The items below are selected to reflect work in web development and are filtered by duration of contract. They do not include results from ongoing freelance design projects or fine-art projects. More information on those projects can be seen further down this document.
2022-2023 (current)
Developper (full-stack). Institut Méditerranéen d'Océanologie Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS). Design and build node.js based data visualisation website product with Python backend.
Developper, creative director, and project co-director. (site unavalilable). American Public Health Institute. Worked on frontend website design and production in tandem with Connely Partners (Boston, MA)
Developper and production designer. WP e-commerce product. Produced assets for print production and web deployment.
Developper, production designer, creative director, and project manager. Norwegian Flyfisher's Club Built and maintained Python Django based website. Strong emphasis on vector-based cartography. Produced assets for print production and web deployment.
Developper. Yale Medical School Anatomy Department Updated deprecated PHP resources for coursework-related website components.

Additional Experience

Visual Artist large-scale mixed-media work. When not seeking commercial client work, I have been making art and I'm currently represented by SoapBox Arts gallery, Burlington VT(USA) and Quidley & Company Fine Art, Naples, FL (USA). At most I've held 3 solo expositions of my work per year. Please see for recent work.
Production Graphic Designer — freelance Clients include: (music) Phish, Medeski Martin & Wood, EMI records, The Black Crowes, HigherGroundMusic and many more. Custom typefaces as much as possible.

Core Competencies

Frequency of Use
Started learning and using in 1997
JavaScript (Vanilla) / Node.js
Using JS since 1997 and Node.js since 2018
Using Python since 2008
Three.js / OpenGL(WebGL)
Using Three.js since 2014 and WebGL since 2002
SQL / PostGres / Mongo (+Atlas) / Json
SQL / PostGres since 1997, Mongo since 2012
Adobe Creative Suite
Began Photoshop in 1993. Used Macromedia Freehand starting in 1995, moved to Illustrator in 2004.
WordPress / PHP
Since 2006
C++ / Objective C
C++ Since 1998, OBJC since 2006


Three.js, D3.js, TypeScript, Vite, Parcel, Express, betterSqlLite. React, Angular.
Django, Numpy, Pandas/GeoPandas, Scipy-Image, Scipy-Spatial, Shapely, NETCDF4, MatPlotLib, Bokeh.
Docker/Docker desktop, Git, GitLab, SQL, PostGres, OpenStreet, Unit and integration testing.
Favorite IDEs
JetBrains PyCharm 2023, VScode
Operating Systems
Mac OSX, Ubuntu, Arduino

Creative Concept

Having worked in the development world for over 20 years, I'm quite familiar with the tools. Many projects I've worked on have required strong problem-solving skills; be it in finding ways to negotiate software conflicts between platforms, or find good design strategies in creating architecture. As a practicing visual artist, I find the process used in order to arrive at coherent aesthetic decisions is very similar to the process of finding elegant solutions in engineering; it comes down to good problem-solving and the ability to balance an equation.

Work Samples

Best of:

This information in a history timeline. 2023.
A visual autobiography written in frontend.
2d DESIGN/CODE: SVG with inlined JavaScript Animation. "AEROSOL" 2020.
I have the habit of making gratuitously complex and large-scale vector artworks in illustrator. In this example, some JavaScript code has been built into the SVG artwork which allows for navigation and structuring of a narrative.
3d DESIGN/CODE: Model of the last 5 days of electron excitation in the earth's ionosphere.
This project involves collecting raw-text data at 10 minute intervals, refining that data with a little gauss, and displaying it. The bounds of the image map to the surface of the earth. click here for more detail. Drag to pan, scroll to zoom, right-click (or chift-click) and drag to rotate.
3d DESIGN/CODE: Earth Model.
This project involved finding creative ways to raycast against line-geometries (for labals/interaction). Drag to pan, scroll to zoom, right-click (or chift-click) and drag to rotate.

Potentially Interesting:

3d DESIGN/CODE: Traversible Nodes 3d Model.
Having started experimenting with three.js in 2014 and moved onto other projects, this was my first re-entry into the world of three.js c2021. This project included testing the use of static SVG vector-graphics.
3d CODE: Dynamic model generation.
I find that importing existing 3d models (rabbits, teapots and the like) is pretty dull. This experiment generates a 3d model along a path. You will need to click the viewport to start. Some variables can be changed.
3d CODE: Particles in a box.
This is a study of "wind" on a group of particles contained in a cube. Many variables can be changed using the simple HTML interface (top-left).
3d CODE: Particles with more complex physics.
This experiment deals with modeling particles with physical properties. In this case I've opted for a "substance" that seeks to cohere/agglomerate but that is rather fragile to impact.

Vector Artwork (illustrator):

Following are some examples of work in Adobe illustrator. These examples are limited to monochrome work because it shows my design approach clearly. Some of these works are a bit dated (my most recent noteworthy vector artwork is the "AEROSOL" project above).

"A_Dog Day 2023 Social-Square" (jpg)
©2023 by SAC and the Friends-for-A_Dog-foundation. 11x17in. Poster.
"A_Dog Day 2023" (jpg)
©2023 by SAC and the Friends-for-A_Dog-foundation. 11x17in. Poster.
"Flame-up" (svg)
©2016 by SAC and the Friends-for-A_Dog-foundation. Artwork used in poster and merchandise.
"Tone-arm Saint" (svg)
©2014 by SAC and the Friends-for-A_Dog-foundation. Artwork used in poster and merchandise.
"Concept-2" (svg)
©2010 by SAC. A study using hand-drawn crosshatching techniques.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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