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graphic designlarge scale vector artworklarge scale vector artwork.txt
Large format digital vector artwork by Scott André Campbell (me). And by large I mean Large. Not ream-sized pages or poster formats. Like more huge. Basically anything over six feet wide is in this section. It's a recent thing for me to work at these scales but it's a refreshing break from the typical work for print I do.
"Four Sticks" Summer 2012 4 panels 38*24" each Laminated digital print (1/1). Commissioned for entryway hall by Andrew R Glancy.
Dealer Office Manhattan BeachDealer Office Manhattan Beach.txt
Commissioned by Dealer Dot Com for conference room at Manhattan Beach, CA (USA) office. The best part of this project was going to visit Manhattan Beach. The second best part of the project was arriving onsite and realizing that the substrate was actually an enormous lightbox which, since the location was acquired, nobody realized existed. Upon further examination, it became clear that the only thing in the way of this being able to "light up" was about 64 48inch fluorescent tubes. Which were procured just in time to take pictures and go back to VT.
"Aperture" Fall 2014 24*7 1/4 feet Laminated digital print (1/1) mounted to backlit lightbox wall.
King Street Center BusKing Street Center Bus.txt
(2016) Digital artwork printed on vinyl substrate (coated). Vehicle Art for King Street Youth Center, Burlington, VT. This is the largest thing I've ever made in Illustrator and it took 2 months to complete in full. The job started out as a simple decoration approach but once I realized who the users are (in this case a bunch of young students) it quickly snowballed into a mobile pedagogical tool. The project was realized from January to March 2016.
Illustrator mechanical for driver's side (left side) of bus. Including measurement overlays.
Illustrator mechanical for passenger side (right side) of bus. Including measurement overlays.
IMG_9114.jpgKing Street Center FoyerKing Street Center Foyer.txt
Digital artwork printed on vinyl substrate (coated). Wall Art for King Street Youth Center, Burlington, VT. Installed in foyer of recently renovated headquarters building. Please see link to article below 2.11.2015 King Street Center's Arty New Home by Pamela Polston @pamela7d | February 11, 2015 2.18.2015 King Street Center Grand Re-Opening channel 22 news video
"Open Air" 2014-2015 9*38 feet.
KS-IMG_3841.JPGKS-IMG_3842.JPGCF044549.jpgddc cafe 2.0ddc cafe.txt
Dealer Dot Com Café 2.0 Wall Art 1 Howard Street, Burlington, Vermont. (2014) 4 panels, 8x16' giclée on fabric banner. (2h, 2v) From the press-release: "The Dot Calm Cafè serves as a place of nourishment, community lounge, and backdrop for many inspired conversations. This work seeks to create an appealing atmosphere as well as bring elements of our natural landscape indoors with an emphasis on making the architectural space feel more permeable. It's also driven by being informative." "The goal of this work was to realize an exciting way to tell the story of just what goes into the food you eat here. We also hope to convey the sense of the scale of that undertaking on the part of the Café's staff and management."
This is a small collection of digital artwork by SAC. Some of the work in this list exists as printed material. All images are vector source generated by various versions (over time) of both Macromedia Freehand and Adobe Illustrator. Older work for print I don't have copies of anymore can be found at:
"BRNCA" (bernica) Limited Edition Giclée Print Edtion of 20 12x42in w/1in runaround
"Petits Mysteres" Limited Edition Giclée Print Paper: Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308gsm Edtion of 24 22x9in w/1in runaround
"2010" (Twenty Ten) Limited Edition Giclée Print Paper: Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308gsm Edtion of 24 30x6in w/3in runaround
"Mes Traces" Limited Edition Giclée Print Paper: 180# Hannemuhle Edtion of 13 68x20in w/2in runaround
"Post" mostly for a color and tone experiment Not Editioned.
line workSe Taire.pngconcept2.fh.pngvectors othervectors other.txt
Most recent vector artwork examples by Scott André Campbell. These elements fall outside of the other sections' organization. They're not organized (or documented, sorry) but they're fairly recent.
blueprints-eye-md.pngddc-mb-conference-panels.pngvectors by clientvectors by client.txt
Client-Specific collections of digital artwork by Scott André Campbell. This section is necessary because some of the people I work with have repeating jobs. Also, this work isn't really private edition stuff; it's more for a specific person or group.
Community Sailing CenterIMG_4747.jpgIMG_5483.jpgFriends For A_dogFriends For A_dog.txt
(forever) This section is work by SAC for the Friends For A_Dog Foundation (FFA_D). "A_Dog" is the DeeJay name of a good friend of mine Andy Williams. Andy passed away a while back and a group of friends decided to start a foundation in his honor. I miss this person in a major way. Not just for what he offered me in terms of friendship but for what he offered, altruistically, to anyone he came in contact with. A legacy.

Click the logo below to find out more about the Friends For A_Dog Foundation

(2015) Design for etched aluminum keyring measuring 1.5in square.
(2016) Monochrome design for silkscreen.
(2014) Monochrome design for silkscreen.
(2015) Design for promotional flyer measuring 4x6in.
(2015) Monochrome design for silkscreen.
(2016) "Supernatural"full-color design for event poster and CD cover(shown).
logos and logotypeslogos.txt
We look forward to more art from you.
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