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Recent ideas and projects involving js. November 2016: Three-JS experiment. Work in progress. three.js file browser [requires desktop machine]
HTML5 Canvas 3DHTML5.txt
This project is several years old but recently unearthed. I got into it when HTML5 was introduced. It's basically a simple 3d game foundation. I made a nifty math library which I ported over from C to get the 3D vector math and matrix classes. This was before it occurred to me that people roll those classes into 3d engines. I do think, however, that rolling your own 3d engine is worth the trouble. vector space game [sound is way more coherent in Google Chrome] [ASWD to move, arrows to rotate, space to fire.] [mouse used for targeting and/or rotation] [clicking '+' changes the weapon mode but you'll have to scroll backwards a bit to get it into view.]
We look forward to more art from you.
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